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We cater for all IT requirements for Home, Office and Small Businesses.


For your convenience, we provide on-site and telephonic support to minimize costs and business down time.
However, any equipment that needs to be repaired off site will be done efficiently and professionally.
All equipment carries its relevant warranty.

Monthly service contracts are catered for depending on the size of the network and amount of computers.
Advertising space and links to your existing website or websites created and purchased from us, are
available on request of a quote. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or any queries.

Legal Software

Windows updates are essential. Most of the updates are security patches which prevent a lot of viruses from infecting your computer. They also fix any ‘bugs’ an operating system may have. These updates can only be done with legal copies of programs (only legal software allowed).


A good antivirus is also essential. There are thousands of viruses floating around on the web, flash sticks, homemade CD’s, emails, and there are various other ways for the viruses to spread. Viruses can cause irreparable damage to software programs which could cause data to be lost and corrupt programs which would have to be reloaded (which could be a timely and costly procedure). Daily updates of your antivirus are essential, as there are new viruses on a daily basis.

Windows Maintenance

Windows needs some TLC as well. With the opening and closing of programs your hard drive becomes fragmented (the information becomes all spread over the drive). In time your computer slows down and starts giving errors, Windows starts becoming corrupt and even gets to a point where your computer won’t start up. But with regular general maintenance such as defragmenting this can be avoided.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

UPS’s are also recommended. They not only prevent your computer from shutting down in the event of a power failure, they also protect the computer to some extent from power surges when the power comes back on. If the computer shuts down and you are busy with a document, not only do you risk losing that document but the program may become corrupt and you would have to re-install that program. Power surges may blow your components, from just your power supply to your whole system.

Clean Computers

It is recommended, that you do a thorough cleansing of your PC on a regular basis. There are fans inside a computer that suck in dust, these fans are necessary to cool down your components for example. If the computer gets too hot it will be damaged and would have to be replaced. These problems are unnecessary and can be avoided.


Networking is the construction, design, and use of a network, including the physical (cabling, hub, bridge, switch, router, and so forth), the selection and use of telecommunication protocol and computer software for using and managing the network, and the establishment of operation policies in a company.

Backup Systems

Backups’ are also very important, e.g. in the event of your system crashing, virus damage, or possible theft of your computer. You would not want to lose hours, days or even years of documents, e-mails or accounts.

Hard Drive Space

Keep an eye on your hard drive memory. Make sure to leave around 20{736b9e9d5fda6452310c5103e72c368b0a5c53df02dadd0bbd64c2cf34d58a89} free, Windows needs this space to do the defragmentation and for the running of programs. If your hard drive becomes too full, your PC will slow down, and obviously you will run out of space to save your important documents.


As with memory you should inform the Sales Rep what the computer is going to be used for. The processor is one of the main components that give you the speed on the computer. For example you can’t expect to play the latest games with a Celeron processor, but a Celeron processor would be satisfactory just to do the odd document. Basically, as with a car you get what you pay for, i.e. You buy the cheapest in most cases you get the slowest.


Your computer depends on a certain amount of memory to run and the more programs you run, the more you will need. So when purchasing or upgrading your computer please specify what you will be running on the computer so you can be correctly advised on the total amount of memory to get, this will ensure that you get the needed performance out of the computer.

Graphic Cards

The better the graphic card, the better your image and the better your graphic design programs work and appear. It plays an extremely important role in gaming, but for e-mails, surfing the internet and making use of normal documents, etc, standard onboard graphics work perfectly.


Monitors are very important, not only so that you can see what you are doing but if you have a screen that flickers, it can permanently damage your eyesight, not to mention, causing you to suffer from headaches and even migraines.